Cobb Creek Merchants specializes in
18th Century fine men's clothing and accessories for them and the ladies.

Kathy Ring
Greetings Living History Friends: A note from June 2024, I am planning for Cobb Creek Merchant's to be closed by July 2025. I'll provide more news after knowing the final date. However, there's still time to set up special clothing to be made by our talented seamstresses. You can also choose from my shrinking inventory. To help your hunt, I will post things for sale on my Cobb Creek Facebook page. I'll also give early notice when I'll stop taking orders. Also, since I gave up trying to be both rich and famous at this work, please pardon some new prices inside to cover the cost of fabric and buttons on the rise. That said, if I do not have the item or the fabric in stock you want, you will have to go to my fabric website, order it, and send it to me to have your item made. I will still have the store here until I close and you are more than welcome to visit if you are in the area. I will be posting things for sale on my Cobb Creek Facebook page including inventory and miscellaneous items. Also, in these closing months, please join me in acknowledging my talented seamstresses Karen Piercy, Deanna Piercy, and Sandy Thomas. I would also like to include Joyce Owens and Ina Piercey who also sewed for me for countless years earlier. Without these ladies there would be no Cobb Creek Merchants. A huge thanks to all of them for their dedication putting out period-correct and quality historical apparel and hanging in there through the tough times. Also, I thank each of my customers for your business and friendships throughout the past 35 years. So many of you are family now and I cherish those relationships more than you will ever know. Your friendships got me through the most heartfelt trials of my life - losing my best friend, inspiration and husband, Master Coppersmith Larry Ring. Your most humble servant, Kathy